tim Tim Bunnell

Geographer. Research interests: politics of urban development; relational urban geographies and their territorial grounding; urban social networks and geographies of friendship.

Working on the city of Solo/Surakarta in Indonesia.

daniel Daniel Goh

Sociologist. Research interests: postcoloniality and state formation; sociology of multiculturalism; urban aspirations and heritage politics of global city making

Working on the city in Hong Kong.

eric Eric Thompson

Anthropologist. Research interests: transnational networking; gender studies; urbanism; ASEAN regionalism.

Working on the city of Khon Kaen in Bangkok.

jamie Jamie Gillen

Geographer. Research interests: entrepreneurialism and tourism spanning cultural, urban, and social geographies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Currently working in Ho Chi Minh City on the aspirations of the tourism operators and tour guides there. He continues to have research interests in how the rural-urban binary shapes the aspirations of residents in Ho Chi Minh City.

elaine Elaine Ho

Geographer. Research interests: citizenship and migration; urban aspirations of African migrants in China; China-Myanmar borderland migrations; ethnically privileged migrations of the Chinese diaspora.

Working on the city of Wuhan and Guangzhou in China.

kelvin Kelvin Low

Sociologist. Research interests: social memory and historiography; the sociology of everyday life, migration and transnationalism; the sociology of the senses.

Working on the city of Kathmandhu in Nepal and Hong Kong.



Peter Marolt

Geographer. Research interests: cultural-political geographies in China (Asia); artistic aspirations and practices; new media and activism. With regard to this project I strive to better understand artistic aspirations in Beijing.

Working on the city of Beijing in China and Taipei.

michelle Michelle Miller

Political Scientist. Research interests: disaster governance in urbanising Asia; decentralisation in urban governance in Indonesia in the interface between state; civil society and the international community.

Working on the city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia.

rita Rita Padawangi

Sociologist. Research interests: public space, urban heritage, place-making and spaces of hope through community engagement in city-building; sociology of architecture and the built environment; environmental resource governance with a focus on water.

Working on the city of Jakarta and Surabaya in Indonesia.

vineeta Vineeta Sinha

Anthropologist. Research interests: Hindu religiosity in the diaspora; the intersections of religion and commodification processes; the interface of religion and materiality to making sense of religion-state relations.

Working on the city of Chennai in India and Singapore.

samantha Samantha Lim

PhD student. Research interests: development theory, planning and policy practices from institutional and geographical perspective, urban governance, citizenship and migration, collaborative and community-led initiatives. Working on China and Thailand; currently looking at the experiences of the urban poor and their capacity to aspire.

eli Eli Elinoff

Anthropologist. Research interests: citizenship and politics; urban environmental transformation; development and urban planning; architecture and aesthetics

Working on the cities of Khon Kaen and Bangkok.


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